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Hakuda Ryu Eastern Arts Centre Gets New Look With MMA Mats

The Hakuda Ryu Eastern Arts Centre in Oxenhope West Yorkshire was set up to cater for those students of their sister company, Budokai Martial Arts, a specialist after school karate club provider for primary schools, that wanted to continue with their training when they finished primary school.

Unlike many other martial arts training centres, The Hakuda Ryu Eastern Arts Centre does not limit itself to just one style of martial art. They found that people find different martial arts more suited to them for a number of reasons and so they made the decision to try to include as many styles as possible to try to cater for everybody.

Whilst the ‘home’ style of the Centre is Hakuda Ryu Karate they also have lessons in kick boxing, provided by Zen Fist Kick Boxing and Bartitsu, a Victorian revival martial art founded by Edward Barton-Wright.

Hakuda Ryu Eastern Arts Centre owner and senior coach Kevin Allmond is
3rd Dan Black Belt in Hakuda Ryu Karate and has been teaching since 2002. after discovering MMA Mats through an online search, Kevin quickly honed in on the 20mm Red & Blue essential MMA mats. Impressed by the speed of delivery and quality.

“The MMA mats arrived quickly and were a dream to install. A couple of aread required cutting but this was no problem and the mats look stunning. We are very pleased with the outcome and would recommend MMA Mats to anyone.”

Kevin Allmond, Hakuda Ryu Eastern Arts Centre owner and senior coach.

Because they lease the building, rather than just renting a school or village hall, they have been able to make modifications to the building to suit them, the martial artists. For instance, they have a fully MMA mats matted training area which allows the practice of breakfalls and such. We have also fitted a fully mirrored wall so that techniques can be more easily analyzed.

They currently have a few session times that are not being used, so if you are a martial arts instructor, or know of one, and you, or they, are looking for a place to teach then get in touch.

Essential 20mm Jigsaw Mats are made from high-density, closed cell EVA foam and are available in a variety of colours. The mats are recommended for upright martial arts and combat styles such as taekwando, karate, kung fu, muay thai and kickboxing, where floor work, throws and take-downs are secondary. Essential interlocking jigsaw mats are available online at mmamats.co.uk or by calling 01206 390 570.