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MMA Mats UK Launch New Premium Jigsaw Mats For Martial Arts

men doing martial arts on red blue martial arts mat

In response to the overwhelming popularity of their ‘essential’ range of MMA jigsaw mats, which brought the first full size 1 metre jigsaw mat for under £10, MMA Mats UK have launched a new ‘premium’ range of contract quality martial arts mats.

The new premium range of MMA jigsaw mats are fully compatible with the essential range, featuring the same interlocking, jigsaw edge design and many of the same benefits. They have two interlocking straight edges per tile, are easy to clean, transport and DIY self-fit. In addition, they have a slightly higher density at 45-50 Shore, which provides more impact protection and foot stability. They also have an exciting new texture, called the ‘flat weave’, which, being slightly softer, reduces the potential for friction.

Like the essential range, the new range of premium MMA mats are available in 20mm and 40mm thicknesses. Also, being truly reversible, you can make up your own floor designs and custom colour combinations of mats. In addition to the standard black, royal blue and red, MMA Mats UK have introduced a new yellow and green reversible jigsaw mat, to increase the colour combinations even further.

Martial arts jigsaw mats by MMA Mats are available to buy online at mmamats.co.uk or by calling 01206 390 570.